Earlier in the day with my aunts they asked me if I wanted to go have Dim Sum with them and I replied,

"The lights are a little bright in there, we should Dim Sum!"

Holding some skunk fur/skin! Mm this is my deodorant! #SmellsGood #Skunk #Museum

I was at the lower fort Garry museum today and it was Barrels of fun!

It really really really bugs me..

I want to let go of it. I want to forgive it and forget it.. but it’s so difficult. I need to trust you God. I can’t handle this on my own.

Entertainment part 2! Russell in his natural habitat ! #Leaked #Embarrassing

Entertainment for the night ! Part 1! 😹😹 @jhaymelpagaduan @russellsalada #Embarrassing


I am so pissed off.

Just came from the Jeep doctor. Parking lot full of jeeps! 😍 #Beautiful #Automotive #JeepDoctor #TJ #YJ #Wrangler #Sport

Driving the jeep like this now. Yes! #Jeep #TJ #Summer

July 1st Tuesday, Canada Day.

This would be so cool to get ! A Marshall amp where you can turn the knobs, the power switch as if it were a real amp, but this is a mini FRIDGE! Gotta get this! #HMV #MiniFridge

As if..

I don’t know what to say and I can’t say anything. I’ve already lost my brother over what? .. it’s bugging me so much. Never thought this was possible..


Happy birthday to one of my bros! @jaayclemente 😁😎


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